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The detail that makes the difference.

At SIT we don't simply do what needs to be done. In SIT everything is done at its best.

Tailor Made Solutions

The widest variety of technical and product solutions in flexible packaging, in order to respond to the most diverse needs, with the best timing.

Innovation Centered

An eye always turned to technological innovation, to accelerate the time to market of new products and be able to test new materials and applications before anyone.

Boosted Customer Care

An extreme focus on building a relationship of close trust with the customer, with constant dialogue and the provision of additional advanced consultancy services.

The Best Quality Always

The constant search for excellence in every business sector with an approach of continuous evolution for the supply of services and products tailored to the maximum.

Much more than what you expect.

Our customers know it: working with us means the certainty of constantly evolving services with the aim of going beyond excellence, building a circular path that gives maximum safety to all stakeholders at every stage of the product life. Safety in terms of quality, sustainability and optimization of resources.

Practically? Customer care services that aim for excellence, an Innovation Department dedicated to investigate new technologies as tools to go beyond the known, an extremely focused Supply Chain, research and testing laboratories dedicated to the constant analysis of materials and products. And so much more…

Food Safety

We offer high-level turnkey services, in all topics related to food safety and packaging safety, giving the customer a competitive advantage in terms of anticipating global regulations and the possibility of promptly addressing and anticipating risks perceived by the market.

We carry out proactive actions towards regulators and specific compliance advice on new expanding geographical areas (BRICS, ASEAN, etc.)

Supply Chain

  • SALES FORECASTING PROCESS and SALES and OPERATIONS PLANNING for significant savings in purchases through forecasting and better use of production assets and film stock rotation.
  • COLLABORATIVE PLANNING, GRAPHICS OPTIMIZATION and PRODUCTION CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION for a constant improvement of customer service and shared savings with improvement of production assets and reduction of hidden costs.
  • FAST TRACK SERVICE and UPSTREAM INTEGRATION (Dedicated Base Film Warehouse) for additional value through upstream collaboration and reduction of logistics costs.

Custom Made

An Exclusive Service that allows:

  • a High Definition Custom Print, ensuring the best result in terms of quality and print result;
  • a shorter time to market, able to provide mock ups and handle short runs for new product launches, promotions and limited editions;
  • investing in innovative technologies that significantly reduce the environmental impact.


The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Model allows us to define the environmental footprint of the entire life cycle of the flexible packaging product, “from cradle to grave”, through the analysis of energy and materials consumed, waste generated, logistics and transport, as well as waste and emissions released into the environment.

A circular approach that aims at maximum optimization of resources and minimum environmental impact.


A dedicated test area with 9-color rotogravure printing machine, off-line laminator, horizontal packaging machine and a laboratory dedicated to testing new packaging to provide the customer with:

  • acceleration of time to market in the introduction of new products/applications
  • increase in efficiency on the packaging lines in the approval of new products
  • the opportunity to test new materials and applications in a dedicated and confidential environment

Quality Check

Excellence also comes from serious and rigorous quality control. Our Laboratory monitors the life cycle of the product 24 hours a day, in particular:

  • raw material processing processes,
  • the analysis of the volatile components present in the materials after production,
  • the detection of the mechanical characteristics and the simulation of the phases of use and stress following printing.

Innovation Oriented

To us, the Highest Quality, the Best Service and the broadest Customer Satisfaction have always been priorities.

We are easily able to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and structures, also having an in-depth knowledge of the market dynamics of both own-brand products and private labels. We always work in compliance with strict food and environmental safety standards, the creation of safe products that comply with the specific regulations in force, and obviously the protection of people in the workplace.

We believe in innovation as a tool to offer state-of-the-art products and services and always achieve excellence.


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