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Every day, we strive for a better reality


SIT Group factories are designed and lived starting from a clear and consistent philosophy over time: that people are the pivot of everything, that the environment that surrounds us is a treasure to be defended and protected, that care and attention are the most important values.

That success and growth arise from the opportunity, for everyone, to express themselves 100% and feel safe.



Everything starts from people and everything is done for everyone’s growth.

It is no coincidence that our motto, for more than 50 years, has been that SIT is a Matter of People. The life philosophy of those who created this reality and a deep and very strong belief of those who carry it forward today.

A place to grow together

We grow together, we fail together, we learn together. In SIT, everyone has the opportunity to define their personal path, knowing that they will actively contribute to the growth of the entire team.

A place where you can make the most of yourself

#CASASIT is a welcoming, familiar and inclusive place, where each person has the opportunity to express themselves and be recognized for what they feel they are, to the best of their potential. We protect single individuals because everyone is equally precious and a bearer of success.

A home where you are safe. Always.

Safety – in its widest meaning – is a primary value and a constant mission for anyone who works in SIT. Feeling safe in your work environment and making safe products is the cornerstone around which all our work turn.

The Environment

Our commitment to a protected and healthy environment is constant and always growing.

Many initiatives have already been put in place in terms of reducing pollution, protecting the territory, sustainability of materials, production cycles and environments. With the conviction that there is always more and better things to do tomorrow.

An innovation focused on reducing impacts

Innovation doesn’t just mean cutting-edge technologies to go faster or produce more. For us, first and foremost, innovation means finding new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our actions. That’s why, for example:

  • we have introduced an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) system which allows us to monitor the environmental footprint of each phase of the life cycle of the flexible packaging product;
  • we have implemented Solvent Recovery Systems in our factories that reduce volatile emissions by 100%.
  • we are able to track our emissions on a daily basis.

Keepers of the Life Cycle

Care and attention to even the smallest leaf. The nature that surrounds us is very precious to us. We carry out environmental restoration and planting interventions where possible, so that the greenery around us is the protagonist and witness of our actions.

The territory

The territory is land, traditions, the single places. Important values ​​that we want to support at the best of our capability, because where we were born and where we live is an integral part of us and our future actions.

Rooted in our lands

We are and live in our different lands, from San Marino to Stanghella, and we fully live the experiences, richnesses, issues and characteristics of each territory.
We promote social and cultural initiatives with pleasure and dedication in support of people and places.

Economy for the Common Good

Main part of our work - and life philosophy - is to offer our contribution for the common good, so to give a guarantee of future, work, opportunities for young people with full economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Promoters of Beauty

Beauty isn't an abstract concept. To us, it is something that must be touched by hand, because it elevates us and allows us to stay focused on what is truly important.
For us, art and beauty must permeate every space of our environments, to give us stimulus and broaden our hearts.

Why SIT?

Tailors of excellence, innovators, obsessive in the pursuit of perfection.