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Values that distinguish us

People's care

We are driven by the desire to take care of our people, facilitate professional and personal growth, celebrate successes, learn and grow together from defeats.

Just like in a family, we aim to welcome, protect and grow our colleagues in the positivity of our shared values and feelings.

Our goal is to establish long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with our people, to find continuous motivations to stay together, benefiting from and enjoying the great heritage of knowledge and wisdom matured over the years.

We count on each other in difficult moments of work and life and, in this way, guarantee everyone the indispensable trust in the future for ourselves, our families and our children.

We want to have strong ties with the communities where we operate in, bringing to these places a tangible contribution in terms of well-being and social activities.

This is the meaning and essence of “CASA SIT”.

We want to build strong ties with the communities in which we operate, making a tangible contribution in terms of well-being and social activities. This is the true meaning and essence of “CASA SIT”.


We guarantee honesty and truthfulness in our relationships and actions and we consistently put our company values into practice, in an environment that encourages authenticity and supports an ever-improving organizational culture.

Acting with integrity means to share our values effectively and being coherent, through the affirmation of ourselves adapting to the events always respecting and behaving in accordance with these principles, managing the company in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Coherence is the full agreement between what we believe in and what we do, as every action we take in life is a choice governed by the values we decide to follow.

Company leaders are called to be ambassadors and the polar star of our culture. They are role models of inspiration for all colleagues ensuring their development, motivation and growth through active involvement and honest, constructive and continuous feedback.

Passion and Freedom to shape

We strongly believe we can influence our future by our own behaviour, individually and as a company.

That gives us the passion to actively contribute to shape our path and create an environment which encourages our people and partners to play their part in building our common future.

Adding value to all stakeholders

We are convinced that doing business is a core contribution to freedom, peace and prosperity in every society if it is conducted with the sense of responsibility to generate benefits for all parties involved or affected, directly and indirectly.

Our sense of responsibility to add value to all stakeholders is reflected in daily behaviour and actions towards our interlocutors.

Striving for excellence

We have the courage and mutual trust to measure ourselves, to be accountable and to deal with the facts as they are.

We know that the “strive for excellence” is an ongoing journey on which we always will encounter challenges and mistakes. We embrace them with a passion for learning and improving and turn them into building blocks and excellent results.

In a sentence, we never settle for the “as is” situation because any standstill is a step backwards in our dynamic world.

Transparency tools

To communicate corporate actions and behaviors of environmental responsibility, through tangible data.

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