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New wrapping with 70% RPP and complete life cycle with a systematic approach.


  • A new wrapping that could meet the principles of the circular economy
  • an advanced recycling project, designed to close the cycle of flexible packaging, using certified ‘circular’ Polypropylene (PP).


Since 2020, KIND has chosen SIT as its main supplier for its bars produced in Europe. Initially, we oriented towards the same structure they had in the USA, to speed up the approval and shelf-life times: a PP 25 + PET Alox 12. A non-recyclable structure that did not satisfy us. Therefore, 2 years ago, we started working on a new wrapping that could meet the principles of the circular economy: recyclable and with a certain content of recycled plastic.

A completely polypropylene structure was then developed, in which one of the two films used contains 70% RPP (chemically recycled polypropylene), thus giving the structure an overall recycled content of 30%. This also eliminates the need for multi-material layers or plastic laminates.

In order to make the product’s circularity even more complete, the project was developed thanks to the partnership of SIT with Taghleef and SABIC (producer of the granule) and certified ISCC+.

At Mars, we want to contribute to a circular economy where packaging material never becomes waste, but is recycled, reused or composted. For this to happen, we need new solutions and infrastructure to change the recycling landscape and to compliment mechanical recycling. Today marks another important step in accelerating our sustainable packaging journey and in our collaboration with partners like SABIC that are enabling new opportunities to provide consumers with packaging designed for circularity.

Barry Parkin, Chief Procurement & Sustainability Officer at Mars

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