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Kettle Food LTD


Collaborative planning


  • Reduction of the client’s Working Capital
  • Reduction of delivery times
  • Greater efficiency and flexibility of SIT production
  • Lower operating costs that can be shared with the Client


We have extensive experience and strong expertise in various Supply Chain models, up to the most complex: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for international clients, which allows achieving greater efficiencies in production and Supply Chain terms, with cost savings for both parties.

Together with Kettle Foods Ltd, a tailored Collaborative Planning model was developed, focusing on efficiency, a well-structured information exchange, and a clear and precise definition of procedures, which has strengthened the reliability of the Supply Chain, bringing significant operational benefits to both parties. At SIT, we were able to simplify the production batches and optimize scheduling.


Kettle Foods Ltd collabora con SIT Group dal 2011, in questo periodo abbiamo rafforzato la nostra partnership attraverso una relazione onesta e sincera, attraverso la quale si ottengono dei vantaggi reciproci. Di conseguenza, siamo stati felici di intraprendere questo progetto con SIT Group, aiutandoci l’un l’altro a beneficiare degli sviluppi e dei miglioramenti in termini di Supply Chain nel Regno Unito. Il successo del progetto ha significato un ampliamento del VMI sul nostro portfolio di packaging flessibile a marchio Kettle, con SIT Group.

Chris Coyle – Head of Procurement, KETTLE FOODS LTD

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