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Reduction of the material thickness


Reduction in the use of Cost Saving material


Together with Granarolo, a market-leading company in the production and distribution (in Italy and abroad) of milk and dairy products, particularly focused on innovation and environmental sustainability, this project was born to reduce the thickness of the laminated film used for packaging mozzarella, to gain both an environmental advantage (avoiding over-packaging) and an economic one.

The result was achieved thanks to the close collaboration between Granarolo technicians, always in search of new solutions, combined with the know-how of the SIT Group staff, while maintaining the unchanged shelf life and preserving the distinctive quality of Granarolo products.


La forte propensione di Sit Group volta all’innovazione e alla qualità, senza rinunciare alla competitività economica, hanno consolidato nel tempo la partnership tra le nostre aziende.

Giulia Melloni - Head of Purchasing, GRANAROLO SPA

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