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SIT Group

Our history begins in 1971 with the company SIT s.a. (anonymous society). But our roots go even further back in time, in 1967, when the Rotostampa artisan laboratory opened its doors in San Marino.

From then to today, the numbers have changed, the daily commitments have become exponential but nothing has changed in our vision, in our relationship with people and in our main intention: to give and be our best, always.

Our Milestones


The foundation

Romano Michelotti and his daughter Simona founded Rotostampa in the Republic of San Marino. The inspiration came from an ever-increasing need for industrially efficiently packaged foods (at the time, in many cases, products were sold and packed individually at the local shop).


The creation of SIT

In 1971 Rotostampa becomes SIT (Stampa Imballaggi Trasparenti). This first major moment of change defined our identity and a new logo was designed to symbolize the company. It is still in use today.


Settling in Faetano

1979 marks another important event for SIT: continued market growth and an increased number of employees created the need for more space. The new plant in Faetano is established.


Innovative technologies

The constant market growth led to a major technological renewal. The year 1987 brings a comprehensive renovation that introduces cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of more and more customers.


The first certification

In 1996, SIT obtained its first certification: ISO 9001, the industry standard for excellence in Quality. Its aim is the pursuit of customer satisfaction in the products and services provided, as well as continuous improvement of the company performance. ISO 9001 is the first step for a company that makes quality its defining value.


The first acquisition

2005 represents a strategic turning point for SIT: the year of its first acquisition. SIT acquires Sarel Plast, a company in the province of Padua, specialized in Flexographic printing. This strategic acquisition allows SIT to expand its technology and product range by offering additional services to its customers.


The second acquisition

One year after Sarel Plast, SIT acquires an important rotogravure printing company, located in Pesaro, today called SITITALIA. This is also another strategic move, with a production plant specializing in the application of cold seal. The acquisition brings an important benefit in terms of risk management: since 2006 SIT guarantees its customers a reliable and effective production backup.


Cylinder engraving plant

The new latest generation cylinder engraving plant has been operational since 2014, with an annual production of over 10,000 cylinders. An important step for the Group, with an upstream integration that allows greater production efficiency and quality with a consequent better service for the customer.


New Headquarter

In 2015, the new Headquarters in Faetano has been completed, with the aim of physically centralizing the transversal organizational functions of the Group. A 6-storey building immersed in the green hills of San Marino.


ACM enters the SIT world

In 2019 SIT Group consistently increases its production possibilities, acquiring the majority shareholding in ACM SpA, an innovative company specialized in Flexo UV LED and Digital Printing, for the production of small and medium-sized batches, with just in time deliveries, to complete the range of packaging solutions and technologies.


New production plant

In 2021 SIT Group builds the new production plant in Faetano, expanding the production capacity and replacing the entire fleet of machines with the latest generation technologies.


Innovation Center

2022 sees the inauguration of our Innovation Center, an entire Department dedicated to advanced experimentation and testing, with the highest technical and safety requirements, to allow our customers and partners to develop new products and materials in a safe, secure and technologically advanced environment.


Today SIT Group, with five production sites, is a growing and expanding industrial reality all over the world. With its range of services, it is able to meet the needs of both multinationals and medium-sized enterprises in the food and non-food sector.


We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we know with what spirit and with what eyes we want to be there.

With the always curious spirit of those who never feel they are arrived. And with the eyes of those who are always looking for new opportunities, in a world which – although increasingly challenging – is also increasingly full of possibilities never seen before.