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We investigate the new before it manifests itself.

Innovation is not a concept to aim for, it is air to breathe and thoughts to share.

In our constant search for new materials, new applications, new processes, sharing is the keyword.

We design, test, process every day. And we don’t do it alone. For SIT Group, innovating means involving all the players in the flexible packaging supply chain in a proactive process of constant experimentation and questioning of the known.

A world of different skills that intertwine every day, in the common search for new ways to do things at their best.

Together, with passion,

as it’s always been done in SIT.

The New Innovation Center

A supply chain hub to develop new projects with all stakeholders in the strictest confidence.

A Department dedicated to advanced experimentation and testing, with the highest technical and safety requirements, to allow our customers and partners to experiment in a safe, secure and technologically advanced environment.

Dedicated Technology and all kinds of Tests

Services and machines dedicated to the Innovation Center:

  • Gravure printing up to 9 colours, with the possibility of applying up to 2 varnishes at a time
  • Solvent lamination, solvent less and water based
  • In-line release and cold seal
  • Insetting application of paints, cold seal and chemicals in register
  • Use of both water and solvent based chemicals
  • Printing of a wide range of both plastic and paper based materials
  • Dedicated color department

Product testing, physical and mechanical, in compliance with the main existing national and international technical standards.

Case Studies

Our Packaging for:


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